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The PHYMATH and IDCS calculation servers

CMAP is member and co-founder of the mesocenter of the Ecole Polytechnique. The mesocenter of the Ecole Polytechnique was born from the initiative of research units (CMLS - CPHT - CMAP - LPP) to pool their IT resources around the High Performance Computing (HPC) field within the IPP (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) campus. These resources are guaranteed by a collaboration of engineers attached to each of IPP’s partner laboratories.

Machine DNS name Description
Cholesky cf. documentation

Once you have been added to a project, you will be able to connect to the cluster.

The Cholesky cluster is accessible using the Polytechnique VPN, or from the CMAP SSH gateway. It is possible to jump directly from your PC to the cluster though the SSH gateway by editing the ~/.ssh/config file on your computer:

Host cholesky
        Username firstane.lastname #to be adapted according to your credentials
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa #enter here the path to your private key

Ensuite, pour se connecter :

$ ssh cholesky

The CMAP calculation servers

CMAP also provides some multi-processor machines (i.e. Boosted PCs).


Starting in December 2021, the computing machines will gradually be upgraded from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8. This upgrade comes with changes in the use of scientific software. See for the corresponding documentation.


When you connect to one of the computing machines, if you get a warning message about the server’s fingerprint having changed "WARNING : REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED ! IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING NASTY !" You should delete the line that begins with the name of the machine from the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file.

Machine CPU Frequency Memory OS
porte-d-auteuil 12 cores 2,9 GHz 192 Go Rocky Linux 8
porte-d-orleans 20 cores 2,4 GHz 256 Go Rocky Linux 8
porte-de-choisy 36 cores 3,0 Ghz 512 Go Rocky Linux 8
porte-de-la-chapelle 8 cores 3,3 Ghz 128 Go Rocky Linux 8
republique 16 cores 3,2 GHz 128 Go Rocky Linux 8
porte-pouchet 12 cores 3,0 GHz 146 Go Rocky Linux 8
porte-brancion 12 cores 3,0 GHz 48 Go Rocky Linux 8


  • Direct execution of the programs with ssh (no queue management).
  • Free access, you must select the least loaded machine yourself (use 'ordistat' to check the load of all machines).
  • No constraint on the execution time, but you must not use more than one machine simultaneously (decision of the ’GT ressources de calcul’).

Priority periods

Due to the overall high load on these machines, you may want to notify the IT team of times when you need priority access to these machines. These times will be listed below and a login message will be added to the affected machines.

No priority periods reported at this time

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