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PaperCut printing

PaperCut is a system for releasing prints via badges. This new solution comes in addition to the usual "direct printing" already in place. The copiers that are concerned in CMAP are the Toshiba copiers on the 1st and 2nd floor of the 0 wing. We strongly recommend you to use this method from now on, for reasons of confidentiality, and to avoid waste of printing. This system is only compatible with Mac and Windows, Linux users can continue to use "classic" printing.

A document presenting the service is available at this address :

The use of this service is possible on Windows and Mac computers and requires the installation of a client to be downloaded from the DSI website : The installation will add a "virtual" printer, named "POLYTECHNIQUE". When printing, you will only need to choose this printer and then identify yourself via your Polytechnique identifiers :

You will then be able to release your printout on one of the two CMAP copiers (or elsewhere in the school) by badging in front of the reader (the first time, you will have to manually enter your Polytechnique credentials on the copier in order to register, with the service).

In case of problems, you can always print in the "classic" way. As a reminder, the "classic" printer configuration, via IPP is also available.

Note : This system may not work if your badge is more than 3 years old (in this case, you will have to change it)

Online printing

If you do not have the possibility to install the Papercut client on your computer, you can connect to the website (with your Polytechnique credentials). On the left menu, click on "Impression Web", then "Envoyez un travail". On the 2nd page, select 'xprint1\POLYTECHNIQUE (virtual) POLYTECHNIQUE', then send your document (in pdf). You will then be able to release your print by going to one of the copiers of Polytechnique.