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Centre de Physique Théorique

Privileged interlocutors


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Building Office People
6, gfl 06.1004 Yannick FITAMANT (CPHT),
6, gfl 06.1060 Vazoumana FOFANA (CPHT)

IT Charter


IT charter is annexed to the internal regulations of the École Polytechnique and applies to the entire information system and communication of the X and laboratories.

CPHT IT access policy

People Equipment IT resources access
Guests, students, trainees < 6 months Personal WIFI + SSH
Permanents, no-permanents, students > 6 months Professional laboratory crypted Mac or PC Linux wired, WIFI + SSH, VPN, backup LINA
Permanents, no-permanents Personal WIFI + SSH

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CPHT IT committee

The objective of the CPHT's IT committee is to bring together representatives who use the unit's IT resources within the various research teams, the management, and the IT department (at least once a year or even twice a year, on a maximum time slot of 2 hours).

This committee is a means of exchange in order to:

  • reporting the IT needs of the research teams according to the human and financial resources of the IT department (made available to it);
  • report problems (feedback) on the user side and on the IT team side;
  • present an investment plan / an infrastructure and services strategy to be implemented in the short and medium term and report;
  • recall the rules of use and good practices for the use of IT resources.

You will find below the various minutes of the meetings (only in french):

Date Subject Working document Report
16/11/2022 committee available here available here
26/06/2022 HPC available here
13/12/2021 HPC available here available here
08/10/2021 CDL available here
29/06/2021 HPC available here
07/05/2021 committee available here available here