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Configure a printer on Windows

On the laptops you have to configure the printers manually, here is the procedure.

To configure a printer, you must already know its name, it is typically indicated by a label stuck on the printer. In the example below we will take the printer 'lpcopieur2-toshiba'. The term 'lpcopieur2-toshiba' must therefore be replaced by another name for another printer, unless otherwise stated all other information remains valid.

You can also consult the page 'CMAP printers list' to know all names and models.

  • Click on Start menu, then type "Panel" in the search box to find and open the Control Panel. Then click on "Show Devices and Printers":

  • A window appears. Click on "Add a printer", then "The desired printer is not indicated":

  • Check the "Select a shared printer by name" box and then enter the printer's URL:

  • Select the appropriate driver for the printer (don't hesitate to click on Windows Update to load all the models). Here it is a Toshiba printer, the Universal driver works, but you will have to adapt it to your case: