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Internet Access

You can access the Internet in two different ways: either by using Wifi or via the CMAP wired network.

Please note that wireless networks do not allow a connection as fast and reliable as the wired connection, it is therefore preferable to use the cable for your daily use.

Wired network

In order to connect to the wired network, you must communicate to the IT department the MAC address of your network card / adapter.

You can get this information in different ways, depending on your computer's OS


  • Select Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Click Network.
  • Click the network you would like to view the MAC address for.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Click Hardware.
  • The MAC address is listed below.


  • Open a terminal or console window.
  • Type ifconfig or ip a.
  • The MAC address is listed as HWaddr (en0, enp3s0, eth0, ...) in the format of 12:34:56:78:AB.


  • Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the network you would like to view the MAC address for.
  • Click Details.
  • The MAC address is listed under the Physical Address heading.


There are two networks (SSID) corresponding to different access modes :

  • A Guest network for temporary use intended for people passing through, conference attendees, etc. who do not have EDUROAM access in their original establishments.

Authentication is done via a captive portal (web page).

You can consult the documentation on the DSI site to obtain access:

  • the eduroam network for the school staff.

To connect you must proceed as follows:

If you do not have an LDAP login (common to DSI applications such as Cal'X, Moodle, XRH, Zimbra...) you can obtain it from the DSI (office 07 20 09) or via

You can then go to to download the Wifi configuration file according to your OS, or go to the DSI website:

Follow the instructions carefully, otherwise it won't work!

Important note: for eduroam the login to indicate is (note that it ends with .fr it is not your email).

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