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Laptops backup

General information

If you have a laptop provided by your company (X, CNRS, INRIA), you can benefit from the backup service offered by Phymath, based on the software ATEMPO Live Navigator.

Lina is compatible with MacOS, Linux and Windows, and allows you to back up your professionnal data, so you can recover your data in case of loss, theft, crash of your computer.

To benefit from this service, please contact the IT staff.

Once installed and configured, the backups are done in real time, **as soon as you are connected to the CMAP wired network, or remotely using the Polytechnique's VPN. **

By default, Lina backups the entire user directory. You can define files and/or folders to be excluded from the backup in the settings of the installed application. An item excluded from the backup is immediately removed from previous backups.

Your data is saved on a secure server located in the datacenter of Polytechnique, for a period of 3 months (90 days).

Restoring documents

In case of accidental modification/deletion of a file on your computer, you can restore a previous version of your file yourself. The restoration can be done in two ways:

  • Lina -> Restore Wizard -> Restore Wizard.
  • Lina -> Restore Wizard -> Search and browse.
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